"I wish I could be dreaming but the nightmare's just begun"

"ALL the dirty dishes are still in the kitchen sink" #StoryOfMyLife

"I should have never come outside.
Now I wish I never tried
To cross the other side."

Man did I fuck myself up good, but my poor sick cat was starving and he needed some food... #FuckCorona

"Lyin' awake in a cold, cold sweat" Ray Davies can tell the future too...

3+ months later my mind is finally fog free, and my leg muscles still Twitch like mad at times. It reminds me of an old "friend" who had to move on way too soon because of ALS.



Captain Hindsight Says: We should have brought our country together like never in our history and went on full lockdown right about the time it was labeled a "hoax" and we shoulda stayed there until we beat the hell out of it. The gubment shoulda spent the trillion$ it spent propping up the rich folks money market account AKA the stock market on providing all us citizen $uckers with enough relief to make it thru until we knocked it down flat completely. Now we are in a potential fight for our lives stuck in a mad circle of delusional hatred towards each other. We are hating on each other over fucking masks now folks. Freedumb often has it's own nasty consequences... Welcome to capitalism... Rest in peace George Floyd... And EVERYBODY else too...


Chaos 101 AKA Self-Quarantine Disease

My desperation has reached that point,
I just don't seem to care...
Roaming madly across my land,
For just one piece of mind...
Lost all control, come free the evil in time.
Only when my blood does boil...
Will my soul not stop to stare.

I haven't slept in like 3 days,
My own home seems like a maze...
Where is my sanity, I left it for dead,
Want nothing more than out my own head...
While the world weeps desperation sets in,
Not to worry young minds, as we are gonna win.

 I can't stop writing, my brain is on fire,
I just wish you were here to admire...
Locked up together I think we're alone,
OMG is that a virus on my phone???


My lord this shit should be gone by now.

Stay safe and coronavirus free everybody...

Keep Up the Good Fight, You'll Get Better.

“It’s, ‘I just had a terrible time in hospital and guess what? The world is still burning."


"Heaven's On Fire...."




Kinky Jones

 "The Keyboard Is Mightier Than The Pen And Sword Combined."


I write poetry for myself and read it over and over again, usually while I loop the same song endlessly #SelfTherapy.

These days I thrown in chain smoking cigs and chase my breakfast ice cream with a beer or two...

And I sometimes have ice cream for lunch.... And dinner too...

I often shutdown completely over simple things like an unwanted xmas card from my mother, she doesn't love me unless it is convenient for her to do so.

Go to hell mommy, nothing personal I just don't want to lose out on life anymore because of you...

The 'kinky jones" simple means to feel horny...


I never pay for sex.
In fact sex always pays for me.
Figure out that mad little hex...
And you'll solve life's my$tery.



Quotes To Die By

Dirty Old Poetry



Some places I draw inspiration from:

"My mind is proud but it aches with rage" The Kinks

"Angels they are choking in the doom infected sky" Those Poor Bastards


"Everybody Knows that the PLAGUE IS COMING..."

"Everybody Knows It's Movin' Fast..."



 Save Ourselves   5:23 PM 12/10/2018

Save yourself and the world might follow.
Love thyself but do not live shallow.
Learn or burn in an angry hallow.
That is more than they ever show how.
Taste it fools as you always swallow.
Forget your saviors and dance with arrows.
The end is nye so die like a sparrow.
Thirst in blood like a bone of marrow.
Cower in a corner as you disavow.
Saving yourself seems the world won't allow.



Cash Money 3:13AM 3-22-VIRUS

Johnny Money Go Lose Your Mind.
The ONLY one of your own kind.
Seeking the lost, an unfindable find.
Forcing all my gears to really grind.
Watch my back they shoot from behind.
Taking my guns to town I'll go tie our bind.
Only if I succeed may I then unwind.
Johnny Money Go Lose Your Mind.





A Very Stern Warning

The War of Civility is upon US soon.
I can't see why but It's impending our doom.
Swept away by one hell of a broom.
Playing with fire this life is for keeps.
Looking for the humans as the world weeps.
Trying to hit the exit.
Gotta pull my chute.
Why is no animal listening.
Awww they're so darn cute.
Gods and Angels you saved me.
Now I'm working to repay thee.
Stop the mad all above US.
Or there will be left no civility.




Lambs For Lions 12:43 3-25-VIRUS

When lambs rush to feed their lions...
It always ends with the sheep just cryin.

They LITERALLY told you to go DIE.
And you didn't even bother asking why.

Ask your mind if you should sacrifice yourself.
And feed the lions only for themselves.

Are you a lion, or are you a human?
If the latter GO DO ALL YOU CAN.




The Blind Men's Bluff

 The blind man's bluff always falls for the fluff...
Eating it up you just can't taste enough.
Just an FYI we all live in The Matrix...
Keeping eyes open means you fall for the tricks.
Close your mind and think real, real dumb...
Or the world will be left all mindless and numb.
The blind man's bluff ALWAYS seems real tough...
But when it hits the fans he runs real rough.




Freedom Is Not Freedom

Got you on lockdown...
Stop wearing that sad frown...
NOTHING ain't my GOD damn fault...
Always happy with a negative result...
You are about to find $hit out...
Without ever screaming a shout...
What FREEDUMB really means...
Everything just ain't what it SEEMS...
Lock you up and throw away the key...
You don't mean a fucking thing to me.

I've lost it all, I've crossed it all...
Set you up to take my fall...
The hoax is now on.
The joke is now dead...
Nevermind stay out your own head!





 Welcome To Sin City, Now Please Go Home...

Her Light Flickers Out.
In creeps all our doubt.
Not this shit again...
We are all supposed to win.
As we dive into sin...
Please don't hassle the locals,
We're nothing but yocals!
We might be down...
And they might be out.
But never forget,
Spread love with a $hout.



 Vegas Stronger

Lost are the lonely...
Who have left us alone...
Shattered a world so stunning to me...
So invisible that I refuse not to see...
Too madly... Most sadly...
Never ever to roam...
You will ALWAYs remain beloved...
Until I share your sane home.



The Devil Cries Lightning

Sprinkle Sprinkle from Afar,
how I know just who you are,
blackest in soul,
ready to roll,
dropping thunder and crying lightning,
brightness it is all too blinding,
oh how I do love a blue,
deep and dark monsoon,
so angry sad at my mad world too.

Yes it is now all too frightening,
watching my devil cry binding brightly,
this is something my soul takes lightly,
just try to come and loves to fight me.




The Blinded Patriots 7/4/2018 

If Tonight I shall See,
The brightness blinding all of thee...
And my world shall end with a BANG,
I won't even muster up or say dang.
I hope I haven't seen that just happened.




Welcome Back Jack

I am just a political hack.
Spend all my time on my back.
Give it to me good please oh please.
C'mon now don't be a little tease.
They told me so and I'm number one.
Lookout below this has gotta be fun.
Gimme my cash or send a check.
I'll vote for ya again what the heck!

I've done this and also THAT!
I've fed your sorry ass til U got FAT.
Hog the credit and transfer blame off me.
For the negatives I have my friend Pat See.
If you can't see ur too damn BAD...
Don't get ANGRY out right just get sad.
This is why we are ALL driven mad ;-)




Panic Monday 11:41 3-15-VIRUS

"We were just outside of Earth when the virus began to take hold."

 I try to sleep, but it won't come...
Watching the world come too undone...
It isn't something I thought would be such fun...
Seeing as the joke gets told by folks now on the run...
Trying shamefully to save that face pointed desperate by a gun...
Look out below as their dance is now on and I'll watch who comes up won.





Old Glory Dies Hard

As my world descends to madness...
Why does it relieve my sadness?
Who will clean up such the mess...
Are you willing to take that guess?

Hunker down and bunker too...
Or you will be left alone & blue...
Got no food but have the flu?
A case of corona coming due...

Its a hoax, just  one of  "those" quotes...
Hide the truth and panders for votes...
Who will then pay our PAST DUE notes?
And warm us ALL with some free coats?

Red or blue cuz it just don't matter
Choose the former, or worship the latter...
All it is is personally stylized chatter...
Quite too bad you could have saved her.

Old glory does she die real hard.
Held up by just 1 false card.
Takes an inch, or the entire yard...
Best not vote for others own lard.




My Pretty Kitty 7/5/2019

"Oh My Pretty Kitty"
How I miss you dearly...
I apologize, For never seeing you quite clearly.
It's no excuse, That I never even knew thee...
But if I had, I'd Have Asked "Please Marry Me".





  When it's through, it's through. 4:34AM 3/6/2020

 (Rest In Peace Kitty)

To be with you, to be for me.

This moment in time, Im lost.

Good thing time is not a reality.

Neither is nothing else.

Not sure if something matters.

Shattered is my soul this day.

Lost are the lonesome.

Lucky are the loved.

I'll speak evil truth is just myth.

The future is blank now.

A misfire of epic fashion.

If you are out there.

I see you let me in.

Thinking I'm the only one.

I'll wait to find out.





 Head Games w/ Hunter

Hunter Thompson get out of my head.
You are, my friend,
supposed to be dead.
All I do is now think like you.
Thanks so much for all your blue.
You taught me, I can the future tell.
And know why you
had to leave hell.
I can't take your route.
And envy the courage on your way out.
Keep typing true my lost old man.
I'll stay here, and do as I can...





V Stands 4 VIRUS!

Are you a virus?
Or are you a CURE?
Should I be sad, so angry?
Or shall I call you a DEAR?
Will they wake, my world at WOKE?
Not that I care, as I smile and toke...
I've told ya'ALL be ready,
There is NO solution...
Admit to urself,





Messy Situations

3-2-2020 (AKA Happy VirUS Day)

I'll gladly tell strangers ima total mess...

Better that way, not to have them "guess"...

It's easier then, to relieve some stress...

No worry for me, I expect alot LESS...

Put my worst foot forward, ask you to dance...

Hoping that you trip, and catch my romance...

It's in my head, and not down near my pants...

Stop driving me wild like those red fire ants...




Peaceful Paws

Bomb's Away.
No More To Say.
He Begs No Dismay.
It's Impossible... Not Today.
But Live Good For Him.
Try Smiling, And Tip Your Brim.
Dance Your Life On Peaceful Paws!
Always Love True & Obey The Just Laws.
Now Forget The Most, Must They Will.
For Us All The Rest, A Long Constant Chill.
But Fret Not When All Who We Can.
Not To Worry Neither Wild Woman Nor Man.
Dogs Go To A Furry Lined Heaven.
With Halos On & In Packs of 10, 1, and 11.



Eternal Dismayment

Sorry my mind says please...

I can't get off my knees...

Stood straight up still bent with ease...

Lord tell me am I really free?

What happened to the word we?

Can you explain supposed humans to me?

I have killed off my own strife...

Now I only live my own life...

You must cut with a very sharp knife...

I'm no longer lost today.

I have found the very right way.

To carry none of their dismay.




The Confused States

 I'm stuck in confusion.
Surrounded by delusion.
It's just an Illusion.
Now wait for the fusion.





War Whores

I can't be just another war whore.

Stuck on my back for a greedy score.

I was told to kick a wrong door.

Nevermind the what the hell for.


Now I must be the very best.

Or I will have your hole in my chest.

Why I'm here is your only guess.

I'm just here to mop a made mess.


It costs money to steal my soul.

Afterwards I'm always alone.

Left with no cover to condone.

Tossed into a dark black hole.


Count the stacks as we fall to our backs.

The oversight of US is rather lax.

We do not fuck based on real facts.

And usually screw because of false acts.


We always take it in the ass.

As we pound each other into the grass.

Frequently high on laughing at mass.

Forgive our knightmare it soon can't pass.




 Mind Games

I Once Was Lost But Now I Must GIVE.

Follow Me If You Yearn To LIVE.

It's Not Quite Too LATE.

To End All The HATE.

Call It Our FATE.






Welcome to My Hell, Now Please Go Home...

This Is No Place for Mere Mortals to Roam.

Lock Up the Children, Too Tight In the Brain...

And Use Their Poor Souls for Owned Personal Gain.

Please Stop My Madness, I Just Wanna Get Off...

Carry Your Own Sadness and Try Not to Scoff.

Fight Your Own Battles, US Kids Just Love Fun...

Be Ashamed of OURselves When We Hand Them OUR Gun.





the Hunter

as they burned, the Hunter had learned, and foretold the endless madness

now he is gone and as he was perfect, we all go out like his infinite sadness

when I went crazy he taught me, I really just went too insane

and as his soul gave out, he too has stolen back his own brain

sorry sir but we can't stop here...

there are still Bastards and Assholes too god damned near...

and so the MIGHTY lonely hunter wrote on.




Wall of Steel

The wall of steel your life will take.
The wall of steel may bend not break.
The wall of steel for heaven's sake.
From the wall of steel you'll never wake.

The wall of steel your fate does seal.
The wall of steel it cannot feel.
The wall of steel not even keel.
From the wall of steel you'll never heal.

The wall of steel it cannot lie.
The wall of steel rises ever too high.
The wall of steel seen with your own eye.
From the wall of steel you'll surely cry.

"Make Peace or Die"




 Only The Dead Get To Dance With Me.

I admit I'm a dread head, that's sorta what I do...
Never good for nothing, born pure just too lose...
I'll drink your soul slowly, if I only amuse...
Notch me up wisely, or fate will come crawling...
Always in the end, leaves you lonesome and bawling...
Don't fight the false demons, it burns the soul...
Wrapped in contention, which way should I roll...
Got no direction, my winds ain't a blowin'...
What's wrong with me, my mind ain't a showin'...
My doldrums are deadly, so I NEED to keep sinning...
No matter the times, I can't track down my winning...
If a shan't rise, my everything that I take...
Feel sorry for you, I lost my own make...
Lost in my luster, covered and blued...
I bid no farewell, for I knew we are screwed.




 I was just a little kid one time.

My parents stole my soul by the time I turned 11.
Boy they sure lied to me about a place they called heaven.

I died for mostly just their sins,
Absent of all my own happy wins.

Now here myself I sit,
All alone I never quite quit.

And so I breathe the sweet relief,
At my lost and lonely grief.

I kicked you to the curb,
Need to be my very own verb.

No worry it's now too late,
You've proven to be the ungreat.

I was just a kid one time.
My parents stole my soul...

I am just a kid this rhyme,
I've crawled out my empty hole.

I will be a kid sublime,
I have filled my personal role.

If your parents cry devil's child,
Do not take the hate they dole.

For only angry elders are that wild,
Treating young kids as their dirty sole.




 My Devil's Time 

The Devil made me do it,

He set my vision to it,

Tuning in and turning on,

The Devil's overdue is way too long...


Listen up to my young soul,

It's a Jewel been paved with everything in GOLD...

Looping crazy it never grows old,

It only took once and now I'm all sold...


When the devil spills his secrets,

Do you know how to listen?

For when the Devil makes you do it,

It's impossible not to WIN.


All devils do chime,

But only one like mine,

Told he had nothing & no reason to Show,

Was so buried far down deep dark below,

An angel he hath risen,


From hell has no fury so scorned...

Don't hear as you've been warned,

If you cannot due his time,

Do not attemp his crime,

You'll get left behind,

Like a soured vintage wine...


The next time Satan speaks,

And you here the just he wreaks,

Throw caution to the wind,

Tune in and help him SIN.




Lost are us Lonely...

The Loneliest man in the world is Me,

The Loneliest soul nobody gets to see,

Leave Me to our lonely I beg of Thee,

For only when I'm too Lonely can I ever be just me.


If you want to know me,

Maybe you can show me,

Take a just and noble stand.


Prove you are a human,

And then come hold my hand.






You need new heros...

No more absolute zeros...

Listen in and hear my sin...

I've been scorned by my very own kin...

Surely hurt more than my fair share...

But I've woken up to hear my own air...

As they all try to fight me...

Getting too me to spite thee...

I've been on right's side all along...

As they preached me to be too wrong...

Making me feel like the loon...

No hard feelings I'll expose you all soon...




Crying is for Pussies

Cry Cry Cry for Yourself,
Forced Me Up Upon My Shelf...

Told Told Told Me Those Lies,
Brazen Devils You Just Can't Deny...

Stole Stole Stole From Myself,
Took Back My Soul I'm Honest in Hell...

Beg Beg Beg On Your Own,
Mine Have Left Me All Alone...

Lied Lied Lied as I Died,
Took Me Along for Your Dreary Ride...

Go Go Go Far Away,
My Mind's My Own And That's What I Say...

Call Call Call for Some Good,
No One Comes Yet I Still Could...

Just Just Just One Friend,
We Will Save US In the End.




Twitter Doom Child

Hi as my kite,

i sit here in a fight,

with my own brain,

making me insane,

posting up on twitter,

trying to kill the pain.

It's working really good,

so share shit maybe I should,

don't give up your fight,

you can always share my light,

i'm almost outta room,

go say goodbye 2 doom


(Inspired by: twitter's mental character deficiences)




No More Black Holes

,When you yourself hoist the weight of the world upon your own shoulders...
,and on your own accord knowing full well where to go...
,let there be a light at your side at all times...
,especially in the darkest of all nights...
;do not turn out your own lights...
,or OURS will fade out forever.

"Hunter S. Buster"
helped write that one





"I've lived with ghosts in ghettos from the mouth of the Mississippi...
Down into the deep and dark and lonely southern trails...
And all the way through the brightest and wildest southwests.
Over the Rockiest Points a drunken fool could handle...
They all felt the exact same to me...
And treated me more than too kindly."

Kinky Jones 4:26 PM 7/2/2018




Futile is a Prayer I Dare...

Pray All You Want
Just Don't Linger...
Open Your Vision
To The Devil's Wagging Finger...
Don't Light Me Down
Please Wear Your Own Frown...
Godness Gracious I'm Less Most
Leaving Me I've Thought Provoked...
I Can't Imagine a Worse Host
How Has My Whole World Been Choked?




"Is there anybody else from the planet Angry Vagina stranded on Earth with me?"

Angry Vagina So Angry At Me

So Sad You Never Ever Attempted To See

That Your Anger Is What Smells Like The Fish

Stop Crying Me The Same Horrible Dish

Blaming Me 4 Your Problems Like I'm a Disease

Open Thy Eyes I Beg Of You Please




GFY ;-)

You are as ugly as they come,
Even with your pants undone,
You ain't really all that fun,

Your begging is pathetic,
Spend a token of my love,
Or outta my life you'll hafta shove,

 Maybe you are nice,
Until you speak up twice,
Scared like tiny mice,




Satan's Second Home

The wack shack was a place of sin...
Bodies stacking up, sometimes his own kin...

Lonely is the wacker,
Who is killing his own soul...

Cleaning up the sickness,
Watching their heads roll...

Out in the backwoods,
Nobody hears around,

He wacked off all his sickness,
Making not a sound...

Caught in the act and knew to be dead,
Having no care at wrong thoughts in their head...

His life would not be spared you see,
For my monsters just can't let me free...

Haunting image burned to my brain,
Labeled me crazy to drive me insane...

Living in sadness now all alone,
Don't mind me as I cut to my bone.





Look into the eyes...
Glowing in the trees...
See the shining stripes,
Orange and black
I see.

It stalks it's prey day by day...
Taking what it may find.
Hiding in among the branches,
Sneaking up behind...

Trailing prey night and day,
Even in the darkness.
Taking it by surprise...
Will decide it's destiny.





Blackened is the soul,

The day the bomb will fall,

The time the war goes on,

When but of all,

Brings the face of death.


Throughout all of the world,

Where the fighting still goes on,

People die every day,

But no matter what the souls still stay,

In HUMAN's hearts throughout the way.


Why must it go on...

The slaughter and the slaying...

Across the land must it?

Until the world is ended.





Happy and joyous
Different in everyway
Like the snowflakes that fall in winter
Not one is exactly like the other
And we see them everyday


black is like doom
Like a giant bomb that falls
And spreads across the land
To envelope anyone near it
And they will never be seen again.





The way time passes.
Challenge mine.
Your only as good as.
Your promises.
You reach out for.
Tommorow's yesterday.
No regrets.
A disconnected phone.
A return ticket.
In the same way.
Gather a direction.
Remember catching the moment.
The old river of your life.
And these are mine.




 Poem of a Wanderer

I do not understand

     why people go to war
why murder always happens
why guns go off in the middle of the night

But most of all I don't understand

why I can't understand.
about people and why the world is
one big popularity race, and I am always left out

what I understand most

is why I am myself
the way I act and feel
the people I know and the places I go.





Bored To Death...

I'm Bored.
Not nothing fun to do bored.
Not nowhere to go bored.
Not bored like a turtle who died in his shell.
But just plain completely bored.
Bored that I have to sit in the dreary place for an hour.
Bored that I can't do what I want.
Bored that I have nothing to live for.


good ole teach put a "clean up your work" on this after I told her I wanted to die...


 It took me 25 years to enjoy writing again after HIGH school...

I just want outta the matrix at this point...



"Grab Your Gods or Lose Your Lords but For Christ's Sake People Put Down Your Damned Swords"

Kinky Jones (on religion, war, and dick pics)



1:43 5-19-2020

she is my sunshine if I ever fall down

one single thought and she reverses my frown

I love her dearly like family and friend

too scared to show her lest that be our end

I cant stand the thought of her living unhappy

and just want to buzz her like a wild bee

I have my own grief that just won't go away

and fear that ill add to her already bad day

I don't wish for anything except for her smile

Id do most anything to make it last a long while

it is not romance always on my poor mind

but hope someday that's what she wants to find

I live alone and fear she does the same

wishing that life wasn't such a cruel game




 The Lonely Loser

the purple tip

slid past her lips

so I popped my top

I just couldn't stop

she is so fine

her mind too devine.


I woke with wood

thinking maybe I should

stroke to her in sin

she will help me win

just a lonely old man

she does all she can

to get me off

 as others might scoff


I love her true

as she cures my blue

and makes me cum

with her perfect bum

im the lonely loser

and she's my bruiser

I beg for no more

but she settles my score

such the good tease

as she aims to please




An Ode to Chaturbate...
My home away from home.

As I leave you forever...

So sadly much less madly...

I drift off looking in...

My kink tank pinned on empty...

Come here and lend your Sin...

Suck on my soul with real desire...

As those tips light up like fire...

And as we all burn ever so slowly...

Watching 1 cam or sometimes seven...

Always tip your angels...

When you see them fall from heaven.




The Blue Man Group

If you love her let her go,
Before you do just let her know...

If she comes back then love her true,
And if not don't live all blue...

Love is strange it's like a maze,
A sick way to spend our lost days.




Unknown To All

Leave me here alone.
Playing with my bone.
Stroking my own tone.
Taking pics with a phone.
My work must be shown.
Even you might just own.
A tiny part of my throne.
Please leave me so unknown.




2/14/2020 10:11 AM

A Valentines Day Confession

Roses are red, I'm now pushing up a daisy.

Stuck on lonesome, and dancing too lazy.

I'm still not sure, it's all just real hazy.

Was the gun meant for me?

'Cause you killed me all crazy.

I sabotoge emotions, when I feel really alone.

And silence kills me, even myself I can't condone.

I have not one friend, this place is real strange.

And I know that feeling, the one fueled by rage...





My dread is too dreary.

My mind is too leary.

My soul is too weary.


I can't speak quite clearly;

I hate myself dearly;

I live in misery yearly;


Don't you come change me.

Just say you can't see.

It's ok to be too lonely.


This world is a lie.

I'm just here to die.

Non-stop death in my eye.


But since we are here...

Come hold my hand dear...

Let's make things all clear...


With you at my side,

I'd enjoy the wild ride,

In only you I'll confide,


Please stop in your tracks!

Let's shun their attacks!

And have our own backs!


Push but don't shove.

We could fit like a glove.

I think this is love.




My Willow Does Thou Weep 11:11 - 1/15/19

 my lonely weeping willow,

for just how low she goes...

but if you can't see her proper,

then you will never know...


still she lets you view her,

so admire tears cried for show...

but don't fall for my weeping Willow,

or I'll need to fight you for her soul...


lest I be not her lonely true savior,

and you manage to buy her favor...

her heart will be left beating,

alone in desperate constant needing.




Quean Me

Roses are red,
SHE is my cuck.

Such the good whore,
That we don't even fuck.

My life was dread filled,
Until she changed all my luck.

Now she lays as a loyal bitch,
Until I require a suck.

And she always brings gifts,
Dropped right on my lap.

With her in my life,
There is no need to fap.

She is my besty,
Just ask her friends,

If you can find them,
I'm stuck in their ends.

Not sure what feeds her,
She just wants to watch.

And once I get happy,
Begs my cream on her crotch.

She is my cuck,
And it never grows old.

With HER in my life,
I will always love bold.




The Kinks In Her Chain

I'll wipe your chin every time you sin,
I love your kinks as you always help win,
I stare and I swear but I can't come in,
You are a world apart yet we are as close as kin.

If you loved me back like I love you,
I'd never watch as you turn so blue,
I'll choke your heart and chain your soul,
Stop with your kinks or my head is gonna roll.

Flash me a smile as they beg for your skin,
I wanna know you from down deep within,
Without you I reside in the darkest of holes,
With you at my side I shall conquer lifes' trolls.

As you wiggle I waggle,,,
Looking in as the lovers try to haggle,
They have no clue can't see me there with you,
I'm out of your sight sitting right beside it too.

I now miss all your kinks,,,
And long more for your winks,
Bring your chains and do your best harm,
I'm sending my love to sound the alarm.

As you join us always in Sin,,,
Screaming all around as they come again,
First time might hurt as you take my arm,
I'll treat your kinks with my kindest of charm.




Her Head Was Ajar...

Never near but not too far...
Her poor head was just slightly ajar...
Let me help, I'll take it home...
With her lost mind I will freely roam...
Make no sound you love my gift...
Tired and begging a cease to life's rift...

Never here but clothed in grace...
Her pretty smile is blood stained lace...
With bluest of eyes she cries wishes for dead...
Haunting hurtful demons always stuck in her head...
I've severed your memories, now lost by my blade...
Gone with my good and your heart I have slayed...

Never near but found your love...
Lose the bruised body, I'll give it a shove...
I come damaged and drenched with dread...
But you just keep loving at all that I've said...
Now that we're lost let us never get found...
With your head at my side as a loyal hound.




 Puppy Power

I'm just a slut puppy,

All I want is to come.

Go fuck yourself please,

If you think that I'm dumb.


I'm smarter than you,

With your dick in your hand.

I might be the slut,

But you're hardly a man!


Yes I'm a slut,

But only for one.

He is my daddy,

And gets all my fun.


My master you see,

Who fucking owns me.


I wear his collar,

And bark out his name.

My only enjoyment comes,

From playing his game.


Others might pet me,

But it's never the same.

I live only to serve him,

And despise all my fame.


He makes me growl loud,

And yip like a bitch.

Every time that he bites me,

He scratches my itch.





 Captain Pimpette a Hoe

I'm back BB but I know it's been forever,

don't worry now I'm more perverted than ever...

staring back at me you think yer the clever...

I'm being chased when you realize come tell me...

so I can enjoy our dance into hell plus thee...

we're here both dying just to be so damn near...

for you I'd end the world and even turn all queer...

pimping ain't always easy...

butt you make me fully proud...

If you want to feel all queasy...

You best scream for me too loud...





Glad I'm Not a Nobody

only Nobody pays 4 porn anymore...

The only One who will pay for his whore...

He is hands on He will settle your score...

Look back and wink from out the back door...

He shows his love with tips or a gift...

Nobodies gone in the strokes that goes swift.




 Zombie Love

Be Still My Sickened Heart.
You Never Ever Loved Me From Our Start.
Lied Your Ass Off Like a Sweet Sour Tart.
In a Pine Box Staring Out a Filthy Cart.
So You Were Always Just Kinda Too Smart.
Dragged Up Yourself  Killed By Love's Dart.
I'm Dead With Lust Please Cum Shop @ My Mart.
Your Stench Is Truly 
Awe Inspiring Art.




My Dirtiest Dilemma To Date?

You gotta work it girl 'cause I don't come easy...

Tell you the truth bb I need it too sleazy...

Take it off but it just don't matter...

Never enough I saw your heart just shatter...

More More More Baby MORE MORE MORE MORE...

You're never the best but you'll do as a whore...

Flip my switch and turn up rich...

Leave me in the dust to be a kinky bitch...

Call me anytime night and dismay...

I'm gonna get ya if it's the last thing I ever say...




Bla$phemy to the Utmost Degree

I'm just blasphemy,...
Always down on my knees...
Oh my gods...
I've scourned my lords...
Come down near me....
I'll settle all my scores...

I'm pure blasphemy,
Come look and see,
I'm the sweetest little rhyme,
So charge up my good time,
You'll love me for my lies,
As you all tune in like filthy spies,
More annoying than angry flies,
Seeing as my soul slowly dies.




 1/6/2020 (Happy Fuckin New Whatever)

My Whys

the lights in your eyes.

the giggles in your cries.

the glitters on your thighs.

the lonely in your sighs.

the loving on your highs.

the silence at my whys.

the twitches that all arise.

the glamour in their buys.

the good it all provides.

my flame never subsides.

come take all of my rides.

hand in hand side by sides.

the place my heart resides.




  10:27 AM 12/20/2019

Seven Signs From Seven Heavens

hate me or love me it all ends the same.
why did you suck me into your filthy game.
my soul was lost now I'm nothing but lame.
stalk or ignore me we share all the blame.
put on your best suit and lose all that fame.
maybe I lied and sorta always just came.
I double dog dare you come put out my flame...




Everybody Is Nobody Someday 11:46 - 12/18/19

Everybody Hurts.
Everybody Dies.
Nobody Lives.
Everybody Lies.

Nobody Sees.
Nobody Cares.
Nobody Understands.
Everybody Stares.

Everybody Knows.
Nobody Tries.
Everybody Hates.
Everybody Cries.




My Twin Knights

My whitest of knights, the purest of heart...
He is most golden from our every start...
And backs my love firmly understood by all.

My blackest of knights, still pure as can be...
So lost in his lonesome still thinking only of me...
Why or where is the ladder for his wall.

My truest of knights, the same yet insane...
Oh what does he mean stop the pain on his brain...
Catches me true every time despite his epic fall.

  Inspired by one hell of a Mess boo...




Invisible We Stand

(11:38AM 11/24/19)

When you haunt my dreams I turn up in a nightmare.

Every day with no sight of you gives me an abnormal scare.

I don't want to love you but my soul you've stolen true.

Now my days without you keep my darkest blue.

I can't ask it thrice you need to come tell me.

Or is it really that you do not even see.

Always teasing ever taunting...
As I sleep you get to haunting.




My Sweet Heart 11/7/2019

 Oh The Torture Never Knowing,
Is Her Blood Still Even Flowing?
My Mind Does Cry As It Gets Going,
Will I Share My Love Not Showing?

As Days Go Bye She Says Never Hi,
Did She Lose That Lust Filled Eye?
Is My Secret Still Safe And Dry...
Or Did My Fair Lady Leave To Lie?

Is Her Head Still One Piece I Beg,
Or Has She Lost A Bruise Filled Leg?
Did She Hang Her Career On A Peg...
Has She Tired Of The Constant Dreg?

Stabbed So Good So Filled With Pain,
Have We Driven Her Quite Too Insane?
Am I Now Her Big Bad Bane...
Or Does She Want Me Driving Her Lane?

Should I Try...
Or Should I Cry?
If I Do Neither,
I'm Going To Die?

My Poor Lonely Frozen Tart,
She Never Saw Me From The Start?
As I Loyally Cried Beside How Smart...
I Will Miss Always Her Very Sweet Heart.




Vomit Pighead (11/8/19 9:59AM)

She is just a sweet Pighead...
Knows nothing but how to use a bed...
Halfway alive and dreaming for dead...
She makes me Vomit always with dread.

Her sight makes me retch all over the place...
The curves on her body make my mind a disgrace...
Might have the nose of a piggy but oh lord that face...
The thoughts without her have me wanting the mace.

She is just a sicko and feels so unwell...
I am just selfish and had placed her into hell...
Next to my side too lonesome the swell...
Thought I have climbed up but really had fell.

Now that she lives I'll covet her more...
I'm just a creeper she'll soon show me her door...
If I'm mistaken she is just a blind whore...
Me loving always true ever more on ignore.

Vomit Pighead, that is her name.
Loving this girl is a hard-played long game.
Always just wondering, does she think the same?
Or am I just a $uitor seen as nothing but lame...




Dirty Old Man

I'm just a filthy old cuss.

When I cum I blow nuttin' but dust.

Still love my aging soul which you lust.

While my older gets too old....

And my heart grows bolder with more gold.

Your thoughts of time spent without me,

Cause your heart to ache with no happy.

Lost in a cruel world free of all sympathy.

I'm just a dirty old fan,

Which makes me the perfect type man.

Also I'm a filthy old cuss,

So love me always the most you must.




The Kinkiest Woman Alive

Her mind is sick,
but her soul is pure...
As kinky as she gets,
she is still such a dear.

Her tits are fake,
her tears are real...
If you treat her just right,
she lets you cop a feel.

She just gives it away,
and for free can you see...
As she slurps her own squirt,
and often plays with her pee.

She's a filthy fuck slut,
always on at least one knee...
And her throat is so deep,
'cause she's so willing to weep.

She's the best with her mouth,
her favorite direction is south...
She's been known to get dirty,
just don't take that as flirty.

If you bring your wallet,
make sure it's real thick...
If it's her heart you shall seek,
please don't be a Dick.




Self-Therapy Leads to Some Epic Sadness,
This Poem is About My Very Own Madness!

I try to love myself so true,
Always ends with me painted blue.

I can't believe when I tell myself,
That I shouldn't live upon a shelf.

Get off your ass and embrace some love,
Or you'll end up as a blood soaked dove.

Fall from the sky crying out in pain,
My life's worth your love's absence does drain.

I try to love myself so true,
My constant sadness paints me too.

Now a shade of darkest delight,
Try to love me and I will fight.

I told you twice I'm just too broke,
But you require a gentle old bloke.

Please beg my pardon,
For my love now feels forbidden...

Notice me on your own accord,
I'm too tired of being hidden...





 The Obscene Queen

my little dancing queen...

oh how she is so obscene...

don't mistake her as being mean...

she cums as sweet as can be...

and she almost always lets you see...

as she shakes her hips around wildly...

she is often as greasy as it gets...

she once tag teamed the New York Mets...

cum dance with her to lose all your own frets...

with her you can always crank out wins...

and ogle at her set of twins...

bring your money and your cash...

maybe even your hidden stash...

as you grab your junk and start the mash...

it's ok just don't tip her too lean...

for she is my obscene little queen.




My Demon Lux

 Black as death, as dark as fright.

Her demon eyes are every man's delight.

Rolled back in heaven, white as can see...

Crying in pleasure whilst taunting at me.

Hair burning red like the beauty in fire,

This demon girl is pure lust filled desire.

Breasts like a siren forcing your eyes...

Mind like the devil always sinning her lies.

Tells me she loves me, and lusts for my soul...

Really she knows me, and fills my black hole.

Now that we started it just never ends,

Wait I was dreaming, she always pretends.


Tongue like a lizard flicking in sin,

Waiting for the next lover to shoot for a win.

Come one and cum all she takes all they give...

Feasting on hearts as she loves how to live.

Touching herself she will cradle your sight...

Calling to you like a moth seeks out light.

A true sight to forsake, that is if you dare...

Left always asking, do demons feign care?




The Greenest Goblin

My greenest goblin, a scary beast to behold...

Not really one to do as beggars beg bold.


Spend just one second and you will get sold...

Spying on blasphemy just never grows old.


Hideous beauty makes you run and hide...

Wait until you see her most kinky side.


Tell her all truth for if you have just lied...

Surely you'll cry for your life to have died.


Fiercest of eyes like an ocean of pain...

Don't get addicted as it leads you insane.


Run I say dare you while she pleases in vain...

Run for your life or your blood she will drain.


A serpent so Lucky to ride with her evil...

This witch during feasts will always leave full.


Spewing at you she will drive your deep lull...

Never with her does a moment seem dull.


 Chained to the devil, forsaken from christ...

She eats souls hungrily in an epic laid heist.


Admit from the start that you yearn to be sliced...

Or my Goblin's green envy will higly be priced.


Smoking together burned by nature's good harm...

My love for this beast gives me such massive alarm.


For I know she's a sin causing falsehoods with charm...

But I'll die lonesome forever if I can't cradle her arm.




A Tint of Red Head

She was dressed in red...
Just begging me for head...
I dropped to my knees...
Moaning please more baby please...
Send some love down my throat...
Lend me your warmest coat...
You best kiss my dripping lips...
Or I won't ever grab those hips...
I'll love you I swear forever...
Just don't act too darn clever...
You must always treat me right...
For I refuse to ever fight...
So I ghost the pains away...
To live with their own dismay.




Coffee, Black.

black are my nails,
i've lost my hair...
i'm good enough,
yet still have thy fails...
but do not despair,
my going got rough...
still i hoist my own sails...
as my soul is too tough.




Here Comes The Red Devil







Angels Cry Too.

If you steal my angel I will come for you,

For madness should my angel you turn blue.

If you take my angel I will fly through every cloud,

For her sadness My thunder does cry loud.

If I lose my angel I cannot cry for her,

For if I've lost another my life shall remain all blur.


 XXX Rated Poetry & Literal Sanity... Peace.