Quotable Quotes to Die By...

By: Dr. Kinky Jones


"The best way to fool mother nature into letting you live longer is to fuck yourself. Alot. Just ask Ernest Borgnine..."


"Slavery was outlawed so they enslaved us all. The trickiest part of our equation is figuring out who "they" is."


"Trying to tell the future to people who have no ability to sense it whatsoever is a mind numbing and soul retching experience."


"Flooding the streets of any society with military grade weaponry is going to result in military style wars eventually."


"Nothing lasts forever, not even an eternity. You can bank on that fact."


"The fact that anything at all exists is the one true miracle in history."

(Anything and EVERYTHING else is just window dressing and Matrix style mind control.)


"Human evolution is always going to be a 50/50 proposition at best with the potential to blow itself into non-existence at any second in time."


"Religion, capitalism, and government are all just fancy words for the phrase "pyramid scheme"."


"Time does not actually exist unless you let it."


"The fact that time does not actually exist makes the fact that time flies so fast all the more excruciating."


"Time should not run your life unless you insist on it yourself."


"Money really does grow on trees... And lay all over the ground."


"Money is just dead trees and dirt."


"Force your anxiety out in front of you and "be mental water my friend", push it real hard out in front of you... Force it to tell you why it is there in the first place and then drop it like a bad habit."

I stole that 98% from Hunter Thompson, but worded it so as to not harm another angel's soul...


"The bible and the internet are the same exact god damned thing!"


"When it comes to a kind, caring, and beautiful woman if I can't have her somebody else should."


"Spreading love like an uncurable disease is the only way to save the human race now."


"The human race is actually 90% pure animals. Actual humans run few and FAR between."


"Don't carry around other people's problems unless they deserve it."