The Devil Cries Lightning

Sprinkle Sprinkle from Afar,
how I know just who you are,
blackest in soul,
ready to roll,
dropping thunder and crying lightning,
brightness it is all too blinding,
oh how I do love a blue,
deep and dark monsoon,
so angry sad at my mad world too.

Yes it is now all too frightening,
watching my devil cry binding brightly,
this is something my soul takes lightly,
just try to come and loves to fight me.


(I Love monsoon season in the desert... the thunder, the lightning, and the torrential downpours soothe my soul.)



"Grab Your Gods, or Lose Your Lords, but for Christ's Sake Put Down Your Damned Swords." KINKY H. CHRIST

(on the savage state of our me$$y world)


Jedi My Oh Me

I'm a long lost lonesome Jedi...

In a crazy world oh me, so my.


Carrying a sabre formed by human love.

Catch my feelings, and you'll also feel my shove.


If I see worlds hurting, or galaxies crying,

Ill rush in, with zero fear of ever dying.


Spread enough LOVE and go on to live FOREVER.

Consider me a friend, and call me oh so too clever.


The life we must lead, always with Captain Solo.

Hunted down by all, so onward we must go...


If I see you fall torwards me, mind tricks MUST ensue.

The life asked of a Jedi, with always more good to do.


A solitary soul with not one bad dark intention,

Forged all alone, and hard to find did I mention?


Required devoid of love, and any personal level.

Leaves me to sort out my own mind's dishevel.


Clear the soul of any and all evil, time to fight!!!

This world needs us Jedis to help force it right.


Grab that sabre, feel it's ultimate healing power...

Join my mission, and make the dark times cower <3







Millie Jones: Eccentric recluse. Porn addict. All around hot mess. In other words, the last person Bishop Sullivan would normally shack up with. But he’s about to be homeless and unemployed, thanks to a bad breakup with his ex. Taking on the role of Millie’s live-in assistant and general craziness wrangler might not be the ideal solution to his problems, but at least it can’t make things worse.


*cue Satan’s laughter*





Thanks Ed, if it wasn't for you inspiring my poetry in 7th grade Id be a bit LOST.





 Save Ourselves   5:23 PM 12/10/2018

Save yourself and the world might follow.
Love thyself but do not live shallow.
Learn or burn in an angry hallow.
That is more than they ever show how.
Taste it fools as you always swallow.
Forget your saviors and dance with arrows.
The end is nye so die like a sparrow.
Thirst in blood like a bone of marrow.
Cower in a corner as you disavow.
Saving yourself seems the world won't allow.




Vegas Stronger

Lost are the lonely...
Who have left us alone...
Shattered a world so stunning to me...
So invisible that I refuse not to see...
Too madly... Most sadly...
Never ever to roam...
You will ALWAYS remain beloved...
Until I share your sane home.

RIP The Ghosts of The Mandalay Bay Massacre.



Chaos 101 AKA Self-Quarantine Disease

My desperation has reached that point,
I just don't seem to care...
Roaming madly across my land,
For just one piece of mind...
Lost all control, come free the evil in time.
Only when my blood does boil...
Will my soul not stop to stare.

I haven't slept in like 3 days,
My own home seems like a maze...
Where is my sanity, I left it for dead,
Want nothing more than out my own head...
While the world weeps desperation sets in,
Not to worry young minds, as we are gonna win.

 I can't stop writing, my brain is on fire,
I just wish you were here to admire...
Locked up together I think we're alone,
OMG is that a virus on my phone???




Blackened is the soul,

The day the bomb will fall,

The time the war goes on,

When but of all,

Brings the face of death.


Throughout all of the world,

Where the fighting still goes on,

People die every day,

But no matter what the souls still stay,

In HUMAN's hearts throughout the way.


Why must it go on...

The slaughter and the slaying...

Across the land must it?

Until the world is ended.

 (7th grade future telling.)



Don't Look Now...

Don't Look Now But I Think We Are Screwed.

Coronavirus has us all bothered and blued.

Wear a mask or maybe stay home.

This nasty stuff is wherever we roam.

Doctors and nurses have been let down.

Try to help them let's cure their frown.

Back on lockdown such a big mess.

When will it end is everybody's guess.

It'll pass but we all gotta try.

Don't Look Now I Don't Want You To Die.


(this is dedicated to all the healthcare workers who have had their lives turned upside down in a mad effort to save people's lives)



"Life is one hard rap..."


The Wrath of Angels

 Hell may have no fury, like a broken beauty scorned,

Earth may catch all dreary, scorning angels, just be warned.

We march right in, we know the end, still unsettle the wrong score,

Fore this we fight, we bear our light, and often hold a damaged door.

Use our love as you see fit, it never ends or fades,

Even when you show your pain, and stab us with life's spades.

Our wings may break, our bones you'll take, and forget us again be sure,

Our kindness drained, they all remain, this our promised constant allure.

My knees found weak, but back can't break,

Knowing where to carry, every hurt and heart's ache...

Invisible, as we must see, or fear our calling out,

The Wrath of Angels:

We Must Spread Love, Without Any Doubt.


When your devil inside is really just a nice guy hell bent on spreading love...



The Little Devil

As my torture sets itself in,

I prepare myself to live real thin...

My spine tingles right before it snaps,

Caught to death in one of lust's traps...

My spirit will rise, my mind will awake,

It will be feelings that know the lonely ache...

My blood does boil as my soul flies too low,

Knowing the moment is over but still marching slow...

The savior will drench me to carry my dread,

Only if I let go will I ever be dead...


Find myself Im falling too fast,

Trying to end what I want to last...

As my heart pops, one big explosion,

A fatal trip such strange direction what fun...

My ship won't sail, my wave won't crest,

Unless you happen to peak my best...

Most will try and all must fail,

For my heart is held up, and not easily hailed.


Steadfast my trouble does toil and double,

Feel it shrinking closed in on my bubble...

The wreck has succumbed, the dreary must sleep,

Fear not for me as I end with no weep...

Evil hath risen and fallen for me,

The embrace of The Wicked, a game I can't see...

That is the type of soul I do reap,

I don't play often but always for keep.



The Taxman Cometh

Nose to the grindstone time to pay the bills.

Even the rich man can lose the iron wills.

Momma says the devil is always in disguise.

Staring right at ya with someone elses eyes.

If you don't work you're labeled as a jerk.

Paying Uncle Sam and his ugly little smirk.

Ten days late and a stack of twenties short.

The government is a real nasty cohort.

Work work work fingers to the bone.

Might end up poor, broke, and all alone.

As long as politicians get to buy their fancy cars.

And shoot stuff all the way up to planet mars.

Momma says the devil is always on your back.

And he don't hand out hardly any slack.



Cash Money 3:13AM 3-22-VIRUS

Johnny Money Go Lose Your Mind.
The ONLY one of your own kind.
Seeking the lost, an unfindable find.
Forcing all my gears to really grind.
Watch my back they shoot from behind.
Taking my guns to town I'll go tie our bind.
Only if I succeed may I then unwind.
Johnny Money Go Lose Your Mind.

(Johnny Cash apocalypse just happened dedication poem)




Wall of Steel

The wall of steel your life will take.
The wall of steel may bend not break.
The wall of steel for heaven's sake.
From the wall of steel you'll never wake.

The wall of steel your fate does seal.
The wall of steel it cannot feel.
The wall of steel not even keel.
From the wall of steel you'll never heal.

The wall of steel it cannot lie.
The wall of steel rises ever too high.
The wall of steel seen with your own eye.
From the wall of steel you'll surely cry.

"Make Peace or Die"



Only The Dead Get To Dance With Me.

I admit I'm a dread head, that's sorta what I do...
Never good for nothing, born pure just too lose...
I'll drink your soul slowly, if I only amuse...
Notch me up wisely, or fate will come crawling...
Always in the end, leaves you lonesome and bawling...
Don't fight the false demons, it burns the soul...
Wrapped in contention, which way should I roll...
Got no direction, my winds ain't a blowin'...
What's wrong with me, my mind ain't a showin'...
My doldrums are deadly, so I NEED to keep sinning...
No matter the times, I can't track down my winning...
If a shan't rise, my everything that I take...
Feel sorry for you, I lost my own make...
Lost in my luster, covered and blued...
I bid no farewell, for I knew we are screwed.



 My Devil's Time 

The Devil made me do it,

He set my vision to it,

Tuning in and turning on,

The Devil's overdue is way too long...


Listen up to my young soul,

It's a Jewel been paved with everything in GOLD...

Looping crazy it never grows old,

It only took once and now I'm all sold...


When the devil spills his secrets,

Do you know how to listen?

For when the Devil makes you do it,

It's impossible not to WIN.


All devils do chime,

But only one like mine,

Told he had nothing & no reason to Show,

Was so buried far down deep dark below,

An angel he hath risen,


From hell has no fury so scorned...

Don't hear as you've been warned,

If you cannot due his time,

Do not attempt his crime,

You'll get left behind,

Like a soured vintage wine...


The next time Satan speaks,

And you here the just he wreaks,

Throw caution to the wind,

Tune in and help him SIN.


(Howard Stern dedication poem)



"I've lived with ghosts in ghettos from the mouth of the Mississippi...
Down into the deep and dark and lonely southern trails...
And all the way through the brightest and wildest southwests.
Over the Rockiest Points a drunken fool could handle...
They all felt the exact same to me...
And treated me more than too kindly."

Kinky Jones 4:26 PM 7/2/2018



Memories of a Madman

As I shine, in my own mind, I think brightly like a star.

Lost in thought, feels way too good, still viewing things from afar.

When I dream, I end with laughter, the feeling so bizarre.

Left trying to find some healing time, living out loud with a scar.

Ever knowing good will come, I trap myself inside a jar.

Remove my soul from it's prison state, up high I've set my bar.

Leaving little traces of myself, I ponder my lonely memoir.



Hells Bells

I have the fearful power,
power of the lost people,
people of the howling beast,
beast of the heavens and the hells.

The demon is so dark,
dark so black it's pale,
pale too bright does fade,
fade speaks not but has tells.

Fear not a creature of evil,
evil so mean it haunts,
haunts so scary I scream,
scream rings always like bells.



Write My Pain Away

As the fear sets in comes crawling,
Frozen in fright wide eyes start bawling.
The craziest thoughts the mind keeps hauling.
Stuck in place a poor body caught stalling.
Your world shrinks down to it's inner walling.
Ignore the relief when help comes calling.
Have not moved yet it feels like falling.
Fate can seal tightly with might when sprawling.
This is why I must keep up my dark scrawling.



Songs of a Feather

The Kinks are pure evil,

The way they slay words...

Singing about a lost flock,

Of downtrodden human birds...


My soul is real proud,

That they once ached with rage...

Around the globe as Superman,

Getting better with olden age...


Playing hits all along the way,

Warn you not to Destroy yourself...

Another record for me to spin,

A good one to have on the shelf...


You might be a Misfit,

When times go seeming too tough,

Wondering when it all will end,

Since life is really rough...


Have no fear The Kinks are here,

Lighting us who've been Sold Out...

They'll Catch your spirit if you're Falling,

Of this I have no doubt.


(sorry Davies bros, I can't hold a candle to your sublime version of rhyme!)










Poetry, Self-Therapy, & Literal Sanity... Maybe I should go with insanity, just never sure anymore.