Kinky Jones... Hi Sweet Cheeks <3



Smiling Bubbles

 I see you all bubbly and lose all my sad...

Watching you smile I forget that I'm mad...

Love your cute outfits I adore you so much...

And hearing your music is a really nice touch...

Your mind has me thinking lots of funny stuff...

You help me get through my times that are rough...

I wish I could repay all the favors you've given...

I really do love when you are so happily livin'...




My Bruised Beauty

 Lucky is the artist who paints on her pale skin,
Sometimes by accident, hopefully shaped by sin.

Caught up in the porcelain the damage that it shows,
Getting lost yet again as I admire her pretty woes.

The color of her beauty as it slowly fades away,
Her canvas begs more colors each and every day.

The milky white a lovely site such a glorious tone,
Dreamy thoughts of painting her this I'll be let known.

Such savage spots of purple and blue shine upon a scroll,
Offer pain as she desires while leaving her heart whole.

Oh to be the artist who gets to seal her fate with love,
A never ending masterpiece, my angel from above.




Smoke Signals

As you spark the next hot fire,
Burning up another sexy desire...
My mind can't handle the weight,
Are you trying to seal my fate...
Such the tease against my old soul,
Blowing signals into my dark hole...
Lost in a cloud too fine to ignore,
Wanting to join you please no more...
Bring your pack to my City of Sin,
I'll light you up and then we'll win...
One jackpot and then another,
Your smoke signals I will smother...
With my lips pressed tightly to yours,
My heart content in deathly chores.




My Thoughts Are On Fire

Oh my what do I see?

Maybe come say hi to me.

Or not I really don't mind...

You've already been too kind!

It might just make my day,

Unless you have nothing to say.

Silence can sometimes feel golden,

A quiet place to say what I hold in...

Try not to let my thoughts wander round.

I might maybe beat them into the ground.

Admit to myself I've said too much!

Leaning on a sweet friendly crutch.

Try to tell the truth not fly off the handle...

Burning my brain like fire does a candle.



Hello Little Dotti

One eye of blue and skin so pale,

Wagging around her adorable little tail.

One eye of pink and spots so cute,

Smiling so wide with a bark on mute.

Dotti is a dreamer filled with hearts,

On the inside she is nothing but smarts.

A cute little pup who likes to love,

Her fur fits her just like a glove.

As loyal as a dog could ever be,

Making me happy with her close to me.

Maybe she will beg or do a cute trick,

Sometimes she speaks and we just click.

Pet her on the nose and tell her good girl,

Dance with me Dotti come gimme a whirl.


(a poem about a real cute puppy named Dotti)




1:43 5-19-2020

she is my sunshine if I ever fall down

one single thought and she reverses my frown

I love her dearly like family and friend

too scared to show her lest that be our end

I cant stand the thought of her living unhappy

and just want to buzz her like a wild bee

I have my own grief that just won't go away

and fear that ill add to her already bad day

I don't wish for anything except for her smile

Id do most anything to make it last a long while

it is not romance always on my poor mind

but hope someday that's what she wants to find

I live alone and fear she does the same

wishing that life wasn't such a cruel game



The Heart Does Ponder

As absence grows the heart much fonder,
Is it love that it might squander?

Grown apart from silent times,
Or shall I keep on spinning rhymes?

Tick and tock the time flows freely,
Must I always think only of thee?

I try to know but really just guess,
Have I made too much the mess?

Our moments alone a thing of the past,
Just how long must the absence last?




The Good Laugh

She laughs so good when she feels pain,

Every single time driving me too insane.

Pierced by a needle pushed by her own hand,

Sucking me in like a pool of lovely quicksand.

Zapped with a shock see the twinkle in her eye,

She is rather kinky and makes we wanna die.

Slap her on the cheek to lose that pretty smile,

She'll just grin and plead you turn up the dial.

With clamps on tight she is such the delight,

Always happy making it a filthy goodnight.

Whip her on the back as she begs for lots more,

Hang her from the ceiling or nail her to a door.

Lock her in a cage as she is a wild beast,

And offer up my soul as a much deserved feast.



The Trigger

You pulled the trigger and I came up lame.

I was playing entirely the wrong game.

You broke out your gun and killed my pain.

I can admit that you drove me insane.

It seemed like I was not the target.

Living with a limp that hasn't healed yet.

I'll be fine I can recover.

But pull it again you'll end up with a lover.

Aim for the heart I'll stand here still.

Is it still loaded oh what a thrill.

I see it in your holster all cooled off.

Even being friendly at that I'll never scoff.

Break it back out and heat up the barrel.

End your wicked ways invite me back to hell.




The Blue Man Group

If you love her let her go,
Before you do just let her know...

If she comes back then love her true,
And if not don't live all blue...

Love is strange it's like a maze,
A sick way to spend our lost days.



2/14/2020 10:11 AM

A Valentines Day Confession

Roses are red, I'm now pushing up a daisy.

Stuck on lonesome, and dancing too lazy.

I'm still not sure, it's all just real hazy.

Was the gun meant for me?

'Cause you killed me all crazy.

I sabotoge emotions, when I feel really alone.

And silence kills me, even myself I can't condone.

I have not one friend, this place is real strange.

And I know that feeling, the one fueled by rage...




My dread is too dreary.

My mind is too leary.

My soul is too weary.


I can't speak quite clearly;

I hate myself dearly;

I live in misery yearly;


Don't you come change me.

Just say you can't see.

It's ok to be too lonely.


This world is a lie.

I'm just here to die.

Non-stop death in my eye.


But since we are here...

Come hold my hand dear...

Let's make things all clear...


With you at my side,

I'd enjoy the wild ride,

In only you I'll confide,


Please stop in your tracks!

Let's shun their attacks!

And have our own backs!


Push but don't shove.

We could fit like a glove.

I think this is love.




My Willow Does Thou Weep 11:11 - 1/15/19

 my lonely weeping willow,

for just how low she goes...

but if you can't see her proper,

then you will never know...


still she lets you view her,

so admire tears cried for show...

but don't fall for my weeping Willow,

or I'll need to fight you for her soul...


lest I be not her lonely true savior,

and you manage to buy her favor...

her heart will be left beating,

alone in desperate constant needing.




Quean Me

Roses are red,
SHE is my cuck.

Such the good whore,
That we don't even fuck.

My life was dread filled,
Until she changed all my luck.

Now she lays as a loyal bitch,
Until I require a suck.

And she always brings gifts,
Dropped right on my lap.

With her in my life,
There is no need to fap.

She is my besty,
Just ask her friends,

If you can find them,
I'm stuck in their ends.

Not sure what feeds her,
She just wants to watch.

And once I get happy,
Begs my cream on her crotch.

She is my cuck,
And it never grows old.

With HER in my life,
I will always love bold.



Her Head Was Ajar...

Never near but not too far...
Her poor head was just slightly ajar...
Let me help, I'll take it home...
With her lost mind I will freely roam...
Make no sound you love my gift...
Tired and begging a cease to life's rift...

Never here but clothed in grace...
Her pretty smile is blood stained lace...
With bluest of eyes she cries wishes for dead...
Haunting hurtful demons always stuck in her head...
I've severed your memories, now lost by my blade...
Gone with my good and your heart I have slayed...

Never near but found your love...
Lose the bruised body, I'll give it a shove...
I come damaged and drenched with dread...
But you just keep loving at all that I've said...
Now that we're lost let us never get found...
With your head at my side as a loyal hound.



 Puppy Power

I'm just a slut puppy,

All I want is to come.

Go fuck yourself please,

If you think that I'm dumb.


I'm smarter than you,

With your dick in your hand.

I might be the slut,

But you're hardly a man!


Yes I'm a slut,

But only for one.

He is my daddy,

And gets all my fun.


My master you see,

Who fucking owns me.


I wear his collar,

And bark out his name.

My only enjoyment comes,

From playing his game.


Others might pet me,

But it's never the same.

I live only to serve him,

And despise all my fame.


He makes me growl loud,

And yip like a bitch.

Every time that he bites me,

He scratches my itch.


(oh to have a "pet" to lock in a cage)




 Captain Pimpette a Hoe

I'm back BB but I know it's been forever,

don't worry now I'm more perverted than ever...

staring back at me you think yer the clever...

I'm being chased when you realize come tell me...

so I can enjoy our dance into hell plus thee...

we're here both dying just to be so damn near...

for you I'd end the world and even turn all queer...

pimping ain't always easy...

butt you make me fully proud...

If you want to feel all queasy...

You best scream for me too loud...




Glad I'm Not a Nobody

only Nobody pays 4 porn anymore...

The only One who will pay for his whore...

He is hands on He will settle your score...

Look back and wink from out the back door...

He shows his love with tips or a gift...

Nobodies gone in the strokes that go swift.




 Zombie Love

Be Still My Sickened Heart.
You Never Ever Loved Me From Our Start.
Lied Your Ass Off Like a Sweet Sour Tart.
In a Pine Box Staring Out a Filthy Cart.
So You Were Always Just Kinda Too Smart.
Dragged Up Yourself  Killed By Love's Dart.
I'm Dead With Lust Please Cum Shop @ My Mart.
Your Stench Is Truly 
Awe Inspiring Art.




My Dirtiest Dilemma To Date?

You gotta work it girl 'cause I don't come easy...

Tell you the truth bb I need it too sleazy...

Take it off but it just don't matter...

Never enough I saw your heart just shatter...

More More More Baby MORE MORE MORE MORE...

You're never the best but you'll do as a whore...

Flip my switch and turn up rich...

Leave me in the dust to be a kinky bitch...

Call me anytime night and dismay...

I'm gonna get ya if it's the last thing I ever say...


(Blondie makes me smile in wicked ways at times)



Bla$phemy to the Utmost Degree

I'm just blasphemy,...
Always down on my knees...
Oh my gods...
I've scourned my lords...
Come down near me....
I'll settle all my scores...

I'm pure blasphemy,
Come look and see,
I'm the sweetest little rhyme,
So charge up my good time,
You'll love me for my lies,
As you all tune in like filthy spies,
More annoying than angry flies,
Seeing as my soul slowly dies.




 1/6/2020 (Happy Fuckin New Whatever)

My Whys

the lights in your eyes.

the giggles in your cries.

the glitters on your thighs.

the lonely in your sighs.

the loving on your highs.

the silence at my whys.

the twitches that all arise.

the glamour in their buys.

the good it all provides.

my flame never subsides.

come take all of my rides.

hand in hand side by sides.

the place my heart resides.




  10:27 AM 12/20/2019

Seven Signs From Seven Heavens

hate me or love me it all ends the same.
why did you suck me into your filthy game.
my soul was lost now I'm nothing but lame.
stalk or ignore me we share all the blame.
put on your best suit and lose all that fame.
maybe I lied and sorta always just came.
I double dog dare you come put out my flame...

 (I fucked that one up rather well... Welcome to my hell.)
(stay as long as you'd like)(or run for the exit)



My Twin Knights

My whitest of knights, the purest of heart...
He is most golden from our every start...
And backs my love firmly understood by all.

My blackest of knights, still pure as can be...
So lost in his lonesome still thinking only of me...
Why or where is the ladder for his wall.

My truest of knights, the same yet insane...
Oh what does he mean stop the pain on his brain...
Catches me true every time despite his epic fall.



Invisible We Stand

(11:38AM 11/24/19)

When you haunt my dreams I turn up in a nightmare.

Every day with no sight of you gives me an abnormal scare.

I don't want to love you but my soul you've stolen true.

Now my days without you keep my darkest blue.

I can't ask it thrice you need to come tell me.

Or is it really that you do not even see.

Always teasing ever taunting...

As I sleep you get to haunting.



My Sweet Heart 11/7/2019

 Oh The Torture Never Knowing,
Is Her Blood Still Even Flowing?
My Mind Does Cry As It Gets Going,
Will I Share My Love Not Showing?

As Days Go Bye She Says Never Hi,
Did She Lose That Lust Filled Eye?
Is My Secret Still Safe And Dry...
Or Did My Fair Lady Leave To Lie?

Is Her Head Still One Piece I Beg,
Or Has She Lost A Bruise Filled Leg?
Did She Hang Her Career On A Peg...
Has She Tired Of The Constant Dreg?

Stabbed So Good So Filled With Pain,
Have We Driven Her Quite Too Insane?
Am I Now Her Big Bad Bane...
Or Does She Want Me Driving Her Lane?

Should I Try...
Or Should I Cry?
If I Do Neither,
I'm Going To Die?

My Poor Lonely Frozen Tart,
She Never Saw Me From The Start?
As I Loyally Cried Beside How Smart...
I Will Miss Always Her Very Sweet Heart.




Vomit Pighead (11/8/19 9:59AM)

She is just a sweet Pighead...
Knows nothing but how to use a bed...
Halfway alive and dreaming for dead...
She makes me Vomit always with dread.

Her sight makes me retch all over the place...
The curves on her body make my mind a disgrace...
Might have the nose of a piggy but oh lord that face...
The thoughts without her have me wanting the mace.

She is just a sicko and feels so unwell...
I am just selfish and had placed her into hell...
Next to my side too lonesome the swell...
Thought I have climbed up but really had fell.

Now that she lives I'll covet her more...
I'm just a creeper she'll soon show me her door...
If I'm mistaken she is just a blind whore...
Me loving always true ever more on ignore.

Vomit Pighead, that is her name.
Loving this girl is a hard-played long game.
Always just wondering, does she think the same?
Or am I just a $uitor seen as nothing but lame...

 (I hope the nose holster fit...)



Dirty Old Man

I'm just a filthy old cuss.

When I cum I blow nuttin' but dust.

Still love my aging soul which you lust.

While my older gets too old....

And my heart grows bolder with more gold.

Your thoughts of time spent without me,

Cause your heart to ache with no happy.

Lost in a cruel world free of all sympathy.

I'm just a dirty old fan,

Which makes me the perfect type man.

Also I'm a filthy old cuss,

So love me always the most you must.




The Kinkiest Woman Alive

Her mind is sick,
but her soul is pure...
As kinky as she gets,
she is still such a dear.

Her tits are fake,
her tears are real...
If you treat her just right,
she lets you cop a feel.

She just gives it away,
and for free can you see...
As she slurps her own squirt,
and often plays with her pee.

She's a filthy fuck slut,
always on at least one knee...
And her throat is so deep,
'cause she's so willing to weep.

She's the best with her mouth,
her favorite direction is south...
She's been known to get dirty,
just don't take that as flirty.

If you bring your wallet,
make sure it's real thick...
If it's her heart you shall seek,
please don't be a Dick.



Precious Gift$

I wandered back in a lonely mess...

Blind as a bat I didn't guess...

You showed me love and saved my soul...

Repaying that favor never grows old...

Now that I see I'm back lost again...

Thank you for sending that win.

I know you've got a heart of gold.




3 times as adorable as should be allowed by law.
The sweetest little heart that I ever once saw.

Letting me know that she really did care.
As I looked on carefullly through my blind stare.

I told her to Go Away but it was all joke.
Feeling like the worst friend since I've fully awoke.

A smile like a sunflower on a bright shiny day.
Regretting like a mad man that I ever went away.

Eyes of blue as pretty as the clear sky.
Stuck angry at my own self asking often out loud why.

Wish I was smarter when it comes to things like love.
Watching for her return after flying bye like a dove.

Chances are real good she thinks I'm a clown.
Living in my sad realm that I gave her a frown.

If I had just one shot I would turn back our time.
Instead I'll let her know how she inspires my rhyme.

3 times as adorable with a pure heart of gold.
Wondering how she's feeling as I grow into my old.

 (a friend once made me feel cared about when I needed it most, been trying to return the favor ever since)
(and of course fucking it up along the way)